To filter e-mails, P2P plugin BETA uses a spam recognition system working with peer-to-peer technology. It checks on DCC servers if the same email content was previously received by several people in order to treat il like a spam.

The P2P Plugin uses parts of the software DCCPal. Special thanks to Paul Wright for his kindest help and to Vernon Schryver.

How to install P2P Plugin BETA version?

Just click on the link below and save the file on your desktop.

P2P plug-in BETA Full
This self-extracting file contains the most recent executable plus the complete set of system files --required DLL (Dynamic Linking Library) files--

P2P plug-in BETA Light
This self-extracting file contains everything in the above full version except DLL (Dynamic Linking Library) files.
You must have the required DLL files on your system for this version to work (MFC71.dll, msvcp71.dll, msvcr71.dll)

This option is for experienced computer users. If you download this version and the P2P plug-in does not run correctly, please download and install the full version before assuming there is something wrong.

P2P plug-in Code source
Download P2P plug-in code source

You just have to select the plugin in the plugins tab to enable it.

How to configure P2P Plugin ?

Go to the plugin tabs, select P2P Plugin and click on the “properties” button.

Use the forms : first, to specify from how many times an e-mail already sent to one of the member of DCC network, will be considered as spam ; second, to specify the header you want to insert to each mail filtered by P2P plugin.